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The Pantico is a drum that being used around the world. Born out of Israel this brand of musical instrument is also known as a Tongue pan, Handpan or Steel Tongue drum.

With many of the same tones that you might expect a hearing traditional world music or even a traditional steel drum, the Pantico is designed to have a far greater versatility than any other musical drum instrument that has been used previously.

Just like many types of percussion instruments this is something that can be picked up and played almost instantly by anyone. By perfecting some of the rhythms and working out some of the scales, musicians can get creative with the types of music that they can start to create as well as some of the rhythms that they can build off of. As the Pantico can potentially make hundreds of sounds and rhythms, it remains one of the most versatile percussion instruments in the world.

The Pantico is an excellent instrument because of the extremely portable for bringing anywhere, it's capable of producing scales which can be very useful in emulating contemporary music or even creating your own unique songs and it can be highly customized. Each Pantico is built to last for life and it can be ordered in several different sizes for different sounds as well as a large selection of colors.

Currently the Pantico comes in 3 sizes including the 10, 9+bass and the 8+ bass. The two versions that include bass have a center portion that resonates to build strong bass tones for any song and the expansion of any scale. The Pantico 10 has a solid middle ensuring that it can be used for higher tones, rhythm work and more. By getting creative with several Pantico drums in a band or tearing them off with other types of instruments, it's possible to build some truly unique music. These drugs can complement almost any other instrument and when they are played in open spaces they can resonate quite well even in crowds.

If you are looking for a versatile percussion instrument that can also play a wide selection of tones to complement your music, this unique drum can give you some of the best value in a high quality instrument. The quality of the tones that it produces and the professionalism in the construction ensures that you could have an instrument that you could play for years professionally. With beautiful carrying cases you can also make sure to preserve your Pantico drum when it is not in use or during travel.

While there are many types of steel tounge drums that can produce similar tones, it's rare to find an instrument that is capable of producing hundreds of these sounds while offering support in bass and rhythm.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pantico drum and the type of music that you can create with this versatile instrument, please check out our YouTube page for more information and some demonstrations of this handpan!



Pantico 9+Bass - C Lydian
G \ C D E F# G A B C D
Pantico 8+Bass - C Pygmy
Bb \ C D Eb G Bb C D Eb
Pantico 8 - C pentatonic
Pantico 9+Bass - D Minor Celtic
G \ A C D E F G A C D

Pantico 8 - D Minor

C D E F G A B♭ C D

Pantico 9 - D Hijaz

C D Eb F# G A B♭ C D

Pantico 8+Bass - A Minor Pentatonic

G\ A C D E G A C D

Pantico 10 - C Pentatonic


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